Amenities & Programs

Feels Like Home, Because It Is!

At any of our communities, you will find amenities and programs that make everyday living feel easier and more enjoyable. At M&P Care, you will feel like you are home, because you are.


No one likes to leave home, that is why our communities really feel as if you never did. From the staff to the residents, you will always feel and experience the warmth and enjoyment of being with people who really care and support you.

Dining & Nutrition

Food is an important part of life, it not only satisfies your hunger but it brings people together. At all our communities, we strive to provide the most delicious and nutritious entrees, desserts, and snacks. You won't just get a great meal, you will get a memorable experience.

Resident Programs

Our communities are a great place for residents to pursue their passions or find new ones. Whether it is cooking your favorite dessert, reading a classic novel, or attending an educational workshop, we have a wide range of fun activities for you to choose from.