Short-Term Stays

Stay a few days, weeks, or even months!

We welcome seniors who are interested in enjoying a short-term stay in one of our communities. If you are planning to go out on a vacation, and if there's no one to take care of your loved one, we are here to provide the day-to-day support they need. Or maybe you want to see if a senior living community is right for you and want to do a test run, come to one of M&P Care's communities and we will show you how it feels like to be taken care of.

What exactly are short-term stays?

Short-term stays are meant for seniors who want and need to spend a few days to a few months at an independent living community or an assisted living community. There is no need to pay a move-in fee as the stay is not a permanent one and you don't need to worry about bringing any furniture, we take care of all of that for you with fully furnished apartments and rooms.

Short-term stays are ideal for seniors who are recovering from an illness, want a warm place to stay during the winter seasons, or just want to give their caregiver some time off.

What services can you experience during the short-term stay?

We provide the same level of care and attention to anyone who spends time with us whether they are staying short-term or full-time residents. They include:

Can you convert a short-term stay to a long-term stay?

Yes, it is always possible to convert a short-term stay to a long-term stay. Sometimes guests of our facilities fall in love with the quality of care and our highly trained staff, that they just don't want to leave. We are always happy to see a new member join our communities and we will provide all the assistance needed for a smooth transition.

What is the cost of short-term stays?

Costs can vary depending on the length of stay, the size of the apartment, and personal care needs but we can give you a quick overview of the cost that our short-term stays would be for a day:

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