Dining & Nutrition

Eating the food we love

Here at M&P Care, we believe that eating healthy doesn't mean eating bland. Our trained chefs create meals that evoke memories of home cooking and family gatherings. Our menus are constantly changing and include a variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats that transports our residents to memories of eating at their favorite restaurant.

Our chefs have a true passion and love of cooking and want to see that every resident gets the dining experience they deserve.

Food sourced from local farms and stores

We source our food and ingredients from local farms as much as possible. All the fruits and vegetables are grown using healthy and sustainable farming methods. We make an effort to provide residents with the healthiest choices and a wide variety of options for their dining needs.

Food is Love

Here at M&P Care, we try our best to provide residents favorite comfort foods as well as giving them the chance to try new dishes. Whether a resident wants to eat together, we offer safe, socially distanced dining room options or if they want to eat in the comfort of their own living space, we accommodate all preferences.

Personalized choices

We pay attention to the specific preferences of our residents and come up with personalized menu choices for them when they ask and need it. On top of that, we value their feedback and make changes to the menu regularly. Here at M&P Care, we offer residents the opportunity to consult with a community-based nutritionist to find an appropriate food plan that is right for them.